Truckers Biggest Annoyances

Truckers are always on the road and thus have experienced many annoyances on the road. Here are some of the frustrations every truckers has faced at some point.

4 Annoyances Every trucker has experienced

1. Not looking ahead while merging

Merging can be very stressful for truck drivers, especially in congested areas. Please decide if you’re going to pull up in front of us or slide in behind. Don’t wait until the last second to cut us off or slam the brakes.

2. Hitting the brakes after passing

When you hit the brake lights and are only one or two car lengths in front of us, it’s dangerous and annoying.

3. Passing on the right

Trucks have many blind spots. But the right side of the struck is called the “blind side” for good reason. When we’re not in the most right lane, we have good reason to be there and will move back to the right lane as soon as possible. Please don’t get impatient and try to pass us on the right; it only creates dangerous situations.

4. Cutting a truck of in front of a light

When a stop light turns red and a car cuts in front of the truck, it’s not a good idea. You could have 80,000 lbs coming through the back of your 5,000 lbs car. It’s better to be late to wherever you need to go then to be in an accident.

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