Prep for Winter Before It’s Too Late!

Thankfully, this year’s mild winter has made driving easy. But, don’t let mild temperatures now fool you. Soon enough, snow will come, and you want to make sure you are completely prepared for it.

Make sure your truck is winterized in these areas, so that you can drive easy this snow season:

Battery — Cold temperatures are known to take a toll on battery function. Often times, batteries resist charge in freezing temperatures, which leaves it at a low state of charge. Routinely check your battery systems to make sure you are getting the most out of your battery life.

Tires — If you drive in consistently snowy areas, make sure your tires are equipped with winterized tread patterns. For extra protection, add chains to your tires (and don’t forget to make sure they fit well!). Before you start driving long distances, check your tire pressure. Tire pressure drops in cold weather, so make sure you check often.

Coolant — Antifreeze and coolant precautions protect against freezing drain and gas tanks. It also prevents corrosion of metals within your truck. Make sure you opt for a high-quality coolant rather than a generic brand. Filling your truck with high-ranked product ensures that your truck will not succumb to freezing temperatures.


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