How to Drive Long Hauls Without Going Crazy

Driving alone can become frustrating when you do it for a living, so finding ways to stay entertained are key to remaining energized and engaged while on the road. Here are some ideas to stay sane while driving on your own.

Create multiple playlists for yourself that are all different.

If you listen to the same music over and over again, no doubt this will get a little tiring after a while. Try creating some new playlists for yourself that include genres on music you don’t typically listen to. Asking 

friends and family what their favorites bands or artists are at the moment is great way to get suggestions for new playlists! 

Stop at truck stops instead of rest areas.

Rest areas usually just have a bathroom, a vending machine, and sometime gas stations. Truck stops oftentimes have restaurants inside, medicine, more food variety, and auto supplies if you need anything. This is also a nicer option because there are typically more people at truck stops as well, helping you to not feel so alone like a rest area may. Take some time while there to get out and stretch and do some light exercises. Getting you body moving gets with blood moving through your brain which will keep you more awake and energized on the road.

Bring lots of food along in the car with you.

Stocking up on high-protein snacks before you embark on your trip will probably save you money on the road since truck stops can be kind of expensive. Also, if you feel yourself starting to lose energy but are miles from the next stop, you can grab your little pick me up and be on your way! Some suggested snacks are beef jerky, snack crackers made with real cheese, easy-peel fruits that don’t need refrigerated (apples, bananas, clementines), and trail mix. All of these snacks will give you the boost to stay alert on the road.

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