5 Tips for Staying Awake at the Wheel

Sometimes it’s hard to keep yourself entertained when you’re driving a truck long distances. Boredom very often makes your brain press the snooze button. Naturally, this is something we want to avoid.

Follow these 5 tips on how to stay awake during long trips:

  1. Keep things cool: Open a window or keep the temperature in your cabin at a lower temperature. Doing this will ensure that you do not get too cozy in the warmth of your cabin, which makes you sleepy.
  2. Move around: If you feel yourself getting tired, you may just need to get your blood flowing. Pull over and exercise briefly to wake your body back up.
  3. Have a snack: Eating something tangy has a knack for waking people up. Try eating an apple, orange, or sucking on lemon flavored candy. If you prefer, you can even opt for carrots, which are perfect for keeping you awake because they take a long time to chew.
  4. Listen to music: Believe it or not, some people say that listening to music you dislike may help keep you awake. If you listen to music you always listen to or soothing music, your brain gets used to the sounds and is more likely to get comfortable. Keep the music loud and switch up the genre. You’ll be shocked to see how alert music can make you.
  5. Listen to books on tape: Books on tape make you engage with what you’re listening to, which makes them good waker-uppers. Make sure you choose a book that interests you and makes you want to engage in deeper thinking and active listening.

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